Loop Co-ordinating Committee (LCC)
The LCC is composed of representatives from the NACIs, other relevant East African agencies, and the NECI. It has the following responsibilities: 
  • Promote, maintain, and sustain EAFRINET and its activities by securing the necessary commitment and financial support of member governments and donor agencies, and through good management of resources.
  • Serve as an advisory body on taxonomy by providing the best possible advice on relevant taxonomic matters in the East African sub-region.
  • Appoint and oversee the activities of the NECI and enable it to serve as an effective and executive office of the LCC.
  • Prescribe the mandates of all co-ordinating institutes within EAFRINET (NECI and NACIs), and terms of references for working groups and task forces.
  • Devise and enable the implementation of work programs and other activities designed to achieve EAFRINET objectives.
  • Draw up the network budget for core activities and work programs, and oversee the use of allocated resources.
  • Manage budgets of specific programs from member contributions and donors.
  • Meet at least annually to conduct EAFRINET business, especially to evaluate progress and outputs in relation to inputs, and to identify needs.

  • Represent member states on the BioNET-International Consultative Group and its Co-ordinating Committee.